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trade against brokers

Do we actually trade against brokers in forex?

Overview Many traders believe that we all trade against brokers. Firstly, we would like to to dispel the myth that brokers take out money to the International Forex market. The truth is that the biggest...
trading strategy weaknesses

How to Recognize Trading Strategy Weaknesses

Overview Recognizing trading strategy weaknesses is very important for every trader. We want to emphasize a very important point that most traders do not understand. It is exactly when they say that their trading system...
forex market principles

Understanding the Forex Market Principles

Overview Understanding the forex market principles is extremely important for every trader. Knowingly, in the last article we described some important principles of money management. They allow you to manage time. It is particularly the...
money management

Successful Money Management in Forex

Overview Money management is extremely important when it comes to forex trading. If you know how to effectively manage the capital of your account, you will never lose your deposit given you are applying a...
profitable trading strategy

How to Create Your Own Profitable Trading Strategy

Overview In this article, we will discuss on how to create your own profitable trading strategy.

  There is a huge number of trading systems and strategies. Some are paid, many are free, some are complex and...
mistakes forex traders do

Avoidable Mistakes Forex Traders Do

Overview  In this article, we will discuss the 2 most common and dangerous mistakes forex traders do: - Undercapitalization - Excessive trading Undercapitalization Lack of sufficient capital is the first of the two mistakes forex traders do that eventually kills...
earn trading forex

How Much You Can Earn Trading Forex?

Overview The most common question related to the financial market is how much can you earn trading Forex? This is understandable, everyone has heard stories about how someone quit his job and became a millionaire -...
first month trading

Your First Month Trading in the Forex Market

Overview If there is the most important period of time in your career in the Forex market, this would be the first month trading that you do. In fact, we would like to correct ourselves....
trading forex full time

Trading Forex as a Full-time Job

Overview Many novice traders often ask us whether it's really possible to make a living by trading in the Forex market. The answer is short: Yes, you can earn a living by trading Forex, but...
make money forex trader

How much money is needed to make a living as a forex trader?

Overview If you want to make a living by trading in the Forex market the first thing you need to take care of is having a sufficient starting capital. If you do not have enough...
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